Gundoswxj on 13 Juni 2010

Aloha! suu

Christian Louboutin on 9 Juni 2010


Dean on 6 Juni 2010

Can't wait to return to this lovely place. Visited twice, first time we thought where have we come to but absolutely fell in love. Everyone is so friendly.

Ian & Gilly on 6 Juni 2010

We are back again in july over 2 weeks to Neos Ikaros and can hardly wait. Always said we would never keep going to the same palce year on year but once we found this wonderful place with its so friendly people it was no contest. Counting the hours.

Nikki joines on 6 Juni 2010

I have just booked my family and myself to come back and celebrate my 10th wedding anniversary! We married in this beautiful village almost 10ys ago and it hasn't changed a bit (thankfully). I fell in love with the place as soon as I saw it and have been coming back ever since!!! Can't wait to see George and Maggie again and stay with them at Tropica - counting down the days!! x

danny on 2 Juni 2010

in august we are back in our home, we going to neos ikaros hotel, the best in agia galini, and for to eat the best is by carmelia

sven on 1 Juni 2010

8 day's to go

WimC on 31 Mai 2010

50 days and counting.... YES!!

Ina Wohlgemuth on 30 Mai 2010

We spent wunderful days in Agia Galini. Our special thank is to Marilena Kasotaki of the Minos Hotel. It is a wonderful Hotel and Marilena cares for her guests in a lovely way. We are looking forward to coming again. Volker and Ina

Darius Butts on 27 Mai 2010

Hah I am honestly the first comment to your incredible article!

Katie on 20 Mai 2010

Just returned from a wonderful trip to Agia Galini with an extra day thrown in courtesy of the ash cloud !! Nice to meet old friends again. Thank you Margaret for a fantastic stay at Tropica and thanks to all at the camping taverna. The food is as good as ever can't wait to come back when they are going to have live cretan music every Friday 72 days to go and counting !!!!!!

Frank on 18 Mai 2010

Looking forward to seeing you all in that katapliktiko place on 6 July. Only 7 weeks to go now. Frank, Claudine and Pauline.

Glenn on 17 Mai 2010

99 days and counting (down)! Already looking forward to it...

jan on 15 Mai 2010

only 31 days till we arrive in Agia Galini really need some sun cant wait to see all those lovely friendly faces and beautiful views.

Dmitry on 14 Mai 2010

Agia Galini is very lovely place. I like this small city very much.