Rory O'Connor on 20 juni 2012

To site admin: would the use of CAPTCHA code not be feasible for forum postings, in order to prevent spam and misuse of the forum?

Avatar Marleen De Block
Marleen De Block on 15 juni 2012

Agia Galini here we come

Site admin on 11 juni 2012

As of today we have deactivated the forum mainly due to spam overflow and the lack of serious contributions. If anybody has new ideas for a future continuation of the forum we are very happy to hear about them!

Thijs on 3 juni 2012

Dear all, I'm so glad to announce that I will be visiting Agia Galini in two weeks from now. I look forward to it. It will be my first visit to Greece. Are there some people who want to give some recommendations for places to visit, bars and restaurants I should try,.... ? See you in Agia Galini!

Christine on 2 juni 2012

I´ve just booked my holiday in Agia Galini. So, after three years, I´ll be back there end of June and I´m really looking forward to that! :)

Rory on 27 mei 2012

Well said Katie. What is the point in having a forum if it is full of garbage.

katie French on 26 mei 2012

Why is the forum still on the Agia galini site as every thing on it has no relevance to Ag galini at all any more Looking forward to coming back soon 21 days to go !!!

Isabel on 23 maart 2012

Hi Lena, we are really looking forward to being back in Galini. Glad to hear weather is nice as it hasn't looked too good over the winter. We will be back again for 3 weeks in May so hopefully we will see you then.

Avatar Paul-Rainer Liebert
Paul-Rainer Liebert on 23 maart 2012

seeU on Greek Eastersunday 15th April '12 and for the rest of the year. So long.

Avatar Lena Meldrum
Lena Meldrum on 21 maart 2012

Hi Isabel, We hear you are visiting the village next week. Sorry we wont see you as we leave time May? The weather is superb. Have a lovely time.xx

Monika on 23 februari 2012

I really like it, your team is simply perfect, come and see also

Monika on 23 februari 2012

I really like it, your team is simply perfect, come and see also

Avatar Paul-Rainer Liebert
Paul-Rainer Liebert on 19 februari 2012

Suddenly, after only 16 days I disappeared in January from Agia Galini because SAndra became ill and needed help in Germany. Now things are fine again, nobody needs to worry. She is fine again. I am looking forewartd to return again on Sunday 15.April '12 with my Fili (cretean dog) for open end this year. So long, keep well pavlos

Annys and Bob Gardener on 11 februari 2012

Will be back in Crete in September 2012, cannot wait!!

Avatar Alfred Kittel
Alfred Kittel on 8 februari 2012

Hi Chris, lucky you. I wish you many splendid years in the greek sun. Enjoy you retirement. Could you postpone your party to May the 24th please, when I am there too? ;-) Kind Regards, Alfred