Agios Georgios beach

Agios Georgios, Rethymno, Greece

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    A 20 minutes drive.

    The valley of Agios Giorgos is located 3km west of Agia Galini, 69km southeast of Heraklion and 60km south of Rethymno. There are two small bays with wonderful pebbly beaches, which are separated by a rocky shore. The weather here is always mild, making the beaches ideal for swimming all year round.

    Although the area is underdeveloped, on the east beach, which is called Lichnistis, there are a few rooms, taverns and umbrellas. If you come to Agios Giorgos, you can stroll in the wild Cretan countryside and walk to the Monastery of Agios Giorgos (500 m. to the north). Note the slope of the church walls, which has been damaged due to ageing and soil sedimentation (don’t worry, it is safe). The Church is known for its old wall paintings. If you want to stay more secluded, you can go to the west beach called Kolimbistiri (i.e. “swimming area”) at location Louros. Here you can swim alone. Moreover, the seabed is ideal for snorkeling. To access the beaches of Agios Giorgos, you can follow the asphalt – paved road leading here from Agia Galini (see map). Moreover, there are boats running from Agia Galini to here.


    Taking the road to Melambes. you will find a turn to the left with a sign. Here the road winds down towards the sea. You can either take the east or west part of the beach.


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