Dyskos, Heraklion, Greece

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    Dyskos is located 75km southwest of Heraklion, just 1-2km west of Lendas. It is a small settlement, known also as Dytikos, which is separated from the village of Lendas by the famous Cape Lion. Lion is said that was one of the lions carrying the chariot of the goddess Rhea and was petrified here.

    In front of the settlement of Dyskos, west of the Lion, starts a long beach with fine pebbles, which extends westward to Tsigounas village. To get here you should drive from Lendas towards Gerokampos. The paved road runs along the beach. Just 1km after Lendas, you will see the beach on your left hand. If you do not have a car, you can access Dyskos by following the short path that crosses the Lion Cape.

    The eastern part of the beach, located in front of the village, is slightly organized, with a few taverns and rooms. As you move to the west, the beach gets more secluded. The western part, near the settlement of Gerokambos, is particularly popular to nudists. Especially, in older times Dyskos was a favorite place for hippies. All along the beach there are several tamarisk trees where you can find shade and camp.

    Dyskos is famous for its sunset, with the sun setting behind the towering mountains of Asterousia. Lastly, beach parties are regularly organized here, during the seasons of full moon and new moon.

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