On Crete, the power sockets are of type F (also compatible with C and E) and have a voltage of 230V with a standard frequency of 50 Hz.
Short power-outages are not uncommon.

Drinking water
The tap water in Agia Galini is good for drinking although it has a different taste because of a different composition due to domestic filtering. Most tourists however prefer mineral water supplied in plastic bottles obtained in the local shops because it seems better and it’s reasonable cheap…

Driving a car
While driving you may experience an odd event: the slow car in front of you moves to the righthand side of the road. In Greece it’s common to give the driver behind you a better chance to pass, hence you move your vehicle to the far right hand side of the road.

General Physician/ Hospital
In Agia Galini there is a GP only available on certain days, the nearest one is in Tymbaki. Please ask your accomodation for emergencies. The nearest hospital is in Spili.

Sun strength
The sun in Crete is strong! It surely is a joy but it can be a nightmare when you have been over exposed. Please take care and stay out of the immediate sun at noon between 12:00 and 16:00 hrs. Make sure you and your children have a good sunscreen, using factor five or more!

The language on Crete is Modern Greek. The road-signs are usually in both Greek and Latin alphabet. Most people working in the tourism branche speak moderate to good English. The Greeks appreciate your trying to speak their language. Knowing a few common words and phrases can do magic.

Greek Orthodox church
The local church “Tesseris Martires” is just located behind the busstation. You are always welcome to join the comunity in service and prayers, please see our special page.

Sanitary facilities
The sewerage pipes on Crete are old and narrow, therefore it's not allowed to throw paper in the toilet. A bin is provided for disposal of used toiletpaper.

The currency on Crete is euro's (EUR). Bigger villages and cities usual have ATM machines. Agia Galini has two, one in the centre at Cretan Holidays office and one in the turn of the main road across Glaros. Most hotels and restaurants accept creditcards.
Giving a tip is common although there are no specific rules.

UTC/GMT +2 Hours