Ilios Taverna

Agia Galini, Rethymno, Greece

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    **** OPEN ALL YEAR ROUND ****

    Delighted to have you here.

    "Life without Joy is like a travel without a tavern"
    Demokritos, ancient Greek philosopher.

    In our tavern, especially in the kitchen, we don’t make time our enemy; instead we invest her into the quality of our food.
    In general, the sacrifice in freshly made products goes along with a greater time of preparation.
    For us cooking means focusing on the essentials; respecting the gifts of nature and our guests who come to enjoy ILIOS.

    Considering this: please have free time to spare.
    In addition, we highly recommend making reservations!

    Behind our products are faces & names!
    We are hosting with passion & we are spooling you from 08:00 am with:

    • Substantial breakfasts, coffee & fresh Juices (even for take away!) 
    • Homemade cakes or crepes
    • Italian pasta, big salad selection
    • Omelets, sandwich or toast
    • A constantly changing menu-selection of various vegetarian products, because the future is green and always more guests want to eat meatless…
    • As well as chicken-dishes, goat, pork-meat-variations, wild hare & rabbit & lamb-specialties from our own sheep-farming

    These animals graze only grass & herbs, which are particularly grown here in southern Crete, producing a natural salinity. 

    Likewise enjoy the taste of fresh fish
    Manolis is not only a hunter & collector, but also a fisherman with his own fishing boat.

    For food & cooking-enthusiasts
    We have a lot of delicacies for you to take along with you: our own olive-oil, olives, untreated sea-salt, preserved & pickled artichokes, mushrooms, wild onions, dried wild herbs, mountain-tea, raki, wine & organic thyme honey from organic beekeeping.

    Culinary wishes, which are not listed on the menu, we request you to make in advance as soon as possible.
    Give us one or two days in advance so that we can do our best to make you happy.

    We will stick well in your memory, with a smile in a relaxed atmosphere of quiet talk & with delicacies a’ la Ilios.
    We are looking forward to you!

    Susanne & Manolis

    In the Mainstreet, 20 meters from the Busstation.

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