The route from Heraklion (HER) airport to Agia Galini

80 km, 90 minutes

When you have your back facing the airport you drive straight ahead.

 After 300 meters a sign 'New Road' on your right-hand shows direction Iraklio / Xania / Rethymno; take this right exit; you will now enter the dual carriage way the E75. 
You will continue for another three km when a sign on your right-hand side shows exit to Pankritiko Stadium. Attention: do not take this one but you do need to take the next one, it’s only 200 meters ahead! The exit to Moires has a sharp turn to the right. At the end of this exit turn right again, you will now follow this road for 17 km towards the village of Siva. A new dual carriage way takes you for 4 km up to the mountain village Agia Varvara.

From here the road winds 10km down to the Messara plain to the village of Agii Deka. The road takes you another 20km through Gortyna, Kappariana and Mires to Tymbaki. 
Drive through the town of Tymbaki towards Kokinos Pirgos. Here the road bends to the right direction Agia Galini. This is a steep ride through the mountainous hills, down to Agia Galini. 

Mind you, drive carefully down the steep parts, rather use the strength of your motor spinning down in gear than using firm breaking.

Opposite the fuel station just before Agia Galini you will find an exit on your left hand side. This leads to the camping and the accommodations Liofyto, Sunningdale, Villa Maxine, Porto Galini and Irini Mare. Passing the bridge, there is an exit towards Rethymnon and finally you pass an exit on your right hand side going up the hill towards Melambes.

 After a strong bend to the left you will enter the village of Agia Galini.

The route from Xania (CHQ) airport to Agia Galini

117 km, 120 minutes

Leave Xania airport direction Anemomili, here you turn right direction Pithari. This road takes you in half an hour for 15km to Souda. At Souda take a right turn twice and one left towards the 90/E75 direction Rethymno (50km/ 60min).

After approx. 25 km / 30 min, just before Rethymno take the exit and turn right direction Spili. At Spili you can either drive through the village or take the detour for lorries. The road takes you for 26 km past Akoumia and through Nea Krya Vrysi towards Agia Galini. When you come to the T-junction direction Tymbaki, turn right towards the village or left towards camping and accommodations Liofyto, Sunningdale, Villa Maxine, Porto Galini and Irini Mare.