Voskakis Woodcraft

Agia Galini, Rethymno, Greece

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    Voskakis Cretan Olive Woodcraft - Beautiful handcrafted house ware and decoration objects

    Dear visitor, a warm welcome to the webpage of the one and only Olive Wood Handcraft Shop & Workshop in Agia Galini.

    A note for those who have visited us before
    As of 2019, our shop is not located near the harbour anymore, but at our house/workshop, which is just a few minutes drive from the center of Agia Galini by car. If you leave Agia Galini in the direction of Timbaki/Mires/Heraklion, you will find our workshop shortly after the curvy way up. A sign (see second picture) indicates where to leave the road. You will then see our entrance (first picture) in front of you.

    Kostas father Giorgos started the shop back in 1983 on the main-street across from where Café Platia is now located, and where he also had his workshop. As a young boy of eleven years old, Kostas made his first pieces learning the craftsmanship and trade from his father. After working ten years for wholesale, Kostas decided to reopen the shop in May 2015, which is now located next to his house about 5 minutes outside of Agia Galini. The lovely pieces displayed in this picturesque shop show more than 30 years of family tradition in olive wood craftsmanship.

    Please note, all the olive wood used by Kostas is 100% pure, no chemicals are used, just a little bit of olive oil for preservation and embellishment. The supreme quality of this Cretan olive wood comes mainly from his grandmother's village and all the articles are handmade with passion therefore unique pieces of Kostas skills. Besides a big variety in kitchen-ware and decoration, every object can be custom made to meet your special wishes. Big articles like tables can be ordered to custom sizes and shipped to you; please contact us well in advance.

    Eleni and Kostas Voskakis are looking forward to meeting you when you pass by in Agia Galini; please come into their shop and they will tell you the stories of their beloved olive wood handcrafted objects.

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