Fourni, Lasithi, Greece

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    Fourni 100 minutes

    In the hills between before Archanes lies the Necropolis (cemetery) of Fourni (Phourni). The archaeological interest in the region is enhanced by locating the cemetery at Phourni in 1965, the excavation of the mansion in Vathipetro by Sp. Marinatos in 1957, the disclosure of Minoan temple at Anemospilia and the sanctuary on top of Youchtas Mountain.
    The Minoan cemetery at Phourni is one of the most important sites in Crete and certainly the most important Minoan cemetery to be uncovered to date. Its importance is largely due to the fact that it remained in use for over 1,000 years from the EM II period (around 2400 BCE) to the LM IIIC period (about 1200 BCE) when the Minoan period was all but over.



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