Triopetra beach

Triopetra, Rethymno, Greece

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    A 40 minutes drive.

    Triopetra (meaning three stones) is at approximately 40 minutes driving from Agia Galini. The beach consists of two parts. The smaller part on the Agios Pavlos side (east) has sunbeds and a taverna. On the other side, the beach extends more than 1 kilometer. It is one of the best beaches in the area. There are two taverna's where you can either sit down or take your drinks. The sand is extremly thin and comfortable. In the center part -where the sunbeds are- you'll have easy access into the water without any big or sharp stones and other obstacles. The beach is very suitable for families and for a relaxing swim and is therefore also loved by the locals.
    Be aware! In case of strong winds, the tiny sand flying around can make it very uncomfortable. On such days you can better avoid this beach.

    The easiest way to reach Triopetra on (mainly) comfortable roads:
    Leave Agia Galini and follow the directions for Spili (left turn). This main road will bring you to the the village "Kria Vrisi". Continue on this road and drive on until the village "Akoumia". Shortly after you're in the village, you will find a sign "Triopetra". It will take you with a sharp left turn into the village and up in the mountains. Just follow the signs for Triopetra until you are over the mountain and down again. Be aware, shortly before you reached the sea, a big sign says "Triopetra beach" (left turn). This sign will lead you to the beach at the east-side! Continue to drive straight ahead if you wish to visit the west-side.

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