Tymbaki, Heraklion, Greece

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    Tymbaki 15 minutes
    The small town of Timpaki is situated on the coast in southern Crete, on the west side of the Messara Valley. The distance from the capital Heraklion is 65 km. In the fertile area around Timpaki are many greenhouses where vegetables are grown. There are tomatoes, cucumbers, melons and artichokes, but you will also find many olive trees and citrus trees. Market in the main-street is on Fridays. Especially in the main street where the main route from east to west in the southern part of Crete leads through the town, it can be very chaotic. If you leave this road it immediately gets much more quiet. Along the streets of the town you will see orange trees and grapes that are hanging from the houses. It’s a lively town with 8000 inhabitants, it has a nice square with two Agios Titus churches, the patron of the town.  Tymbaki has a military airport from which you can often hear the jets roaring their engines and see them take off…

    There are some nice houses and churches in Timpaki but there are also ugly concrete buildings, sometimes partly falling to pieces and covered with graffiti. Noticable is that people are very friendly. You will find all animities in Timpaki: shops, banks, supermarkets, taverns, kafenions, schools and a post office. Every Friday there is a market in the city where local products are sold, such as bread, cheese and vegetables.

    On the large square just behind the main road there are two churches: the new big church of Agios Titus stands beside the old church of Agios Titus (both of the same name). The old church was once destroyed and rebuilt between 1922 and 1925. Inside the church are some old icons to be seen, but unfortunately the church was closed. In 2011 this church was being restored. In front of the large church is an old airplane bomb on a standard. Agios Titus is the patron saint of Timpaki, every year on August 25 the residents organize a party in his honor.

    In 1940 during the German occupation all inhabittants had to leave the village and many houses were burned. After the war the village was rebuilt. It eplains why there are quite a few new buildings in Timpaki and few really old houses. The only old houses that have been preserved, are the houses that the Germans chose to live in themselves.

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